YouTube Rewind 2013



What does 2013 say? YouTube answered this question by releasing a mashup of popular music, movies, memes, and more that made up the year.

To take this already massive video to the next level, we were brought on board to handle all the visual effects. This challenge entailed immense composites including keying, set extension, wire removal, particle effects, cgi animation, and lots of camera tracking. What does this sprawling desert need? How about a 150-foot drive-in movie screen! What’s better than a plane flying over Los Angeles? One that drops parachuting YouTube buttons, of course! The video has been seen over 130 million times, and continues garnering views to this day.

Visual Effects: Before and After

Take a look at the results of our post-production process in this Before and After featurette.


Produced by Portal A
Director: Kai Hasson
Executive Producers: Nate Houghteling, Zach Blume
Production Services: Sweatpants Media
Lead Editor: Sari Tracht
Visual Effects: Gabe Conroy, David Hudson, Steven Hudson, David Zimmermann
Director of Photography: Alex Jacobs
Gaffer: Evan Cox
Location Managers: Al Sumian, Jeff Morris
Strategy & Creative Support: Drew Glover, Jessica Schiffman