Calvin & Hobbes: The Gritty Reboot


Imagination is a powerful force. Since 1985, Bill Watterson has captured the hearts of children and adults alike with his daily comic strip, Calvin & Hobbes. Being lifelong fans ourselves, we couldn’t pass up the chance to bring this beloved series to life as a gritty, live-action trailer.

A cross between Inception and Fight Club, we wanted to bring Calvin’s wild imagination to life, while adding in a healthy dose of psychological thrills. The video has well over a million views and was featured by publications including The Hollywood Reporter, Buzzfeed, College Humor, and The Mary Sue.

Gritty Reboots is a YouTube channel that takes popular and nostalgic video games, TV shows, comics and more and turns them into gritty, cinematic trailers.

Behind the Scenes

Check out the process of what it took to bring the fantastical world of Calvin & Hobbes to life! From casting a young Calvin, to trekking through the snowy mountains, to scaring children in a life-size Hobbes costume, this production was full of memorable moments.

Visual Effects: Before and After


Produced by Cinesaurus
Writer: Dave Spear
Co-Directors: David Hudson, Forest Gibson, Dave Spear
Director of Photography: David Zimmermann
Editor: David Zimmermann
Visual Effects: Steven Hudson, David Hudson, David Zimmermann
Music: Johnny Stark
Color Grading: David Hudson
Sound Design: David Zimmermann
Costume Design: Mary Paulusma 
PAs: Jordan Brokaw, Kevin Lane


Calvin: David Hudson
Voice of Hobbes: Chris Parker
Hobbes: Steven Hudson
Susie Derkins: Meagan Naser
Therapist: Forest Gibson
Calvin’s Parents: Mike Hudson, Carolyn Hudson