“Cinesaurus, a think tank for terrific comedy, sketches and social commentary, is trending upwards sharply.”
New Media Rockstars
“NASA couldn’t have asked for a better marketing video if it had gone to Madison Avenue with a space shuttle full of money.”
The Washington Post

“Creative people know no bounds when the universe serves as their daily muse.”
Neil DeGrasse Tyson

“[It is] impressive how much craft and care went into this video.”
A.V. Club

“This is one that’ll make viewers want to stand up for the little guys who just want to make the world smarter.”

“The talented folks over at Cinesaurus have killed it again.”

“You know you’re doing something right when your video about the latest NASA mission gets retweeted by NASA to its more than 2.7 million followers.”

“It’s pretty catchy and terrific. It’s also on a Weird Al level in terms of lyrical rejiggering, so pay attention.”
New Media Rockstars

“All in all, it’s a whole lot more impressive than the real iPhone ads.”