Mini Deloitte: The Game



How do you get 30,000 employees on the same page? That was the question Deloitte Consulting asked when rolling out their new business strategy. When emails and learning sessions get lost in the daily shuffle, they found one solution.

A few months later, we produced a promo to help Deloitte launch “Mini Deloitte,” an interactive learning experience in the form of a mobile game. Our game trailer was centrally featured on the game website and was a huge success, persuading over 80% of visitors from the organization to download the game.

Side note: Deloitte encouraged its employees to play a phone game? We’ve since discussed what a Cinesaurus mobile game should look like.

Mini Deloitte Case Study

After the successful launch of the game, we produced a Case Study video with Deloitte Consulting to showcase the results of using a mobile game to spread business strategy.


Produced by Cinesaurus
Writer: Jason Barbacovi
Executive Producer: David Hudson
Creative Director: Steven Hudson
Designer: Garret Goodhue, Jeremy Beasley
Editor: David Hudson
Motion Graphics: Steven Hudson, David Hudson
Music & Sound: Hexany Audio

Our pixel-animated hero character caught off guard

Our pixel-animated hero character caught off guard