Warplanes: The Gritty Reboot


Cars, boats, planes… Disney has shown us the lives of many anthropomorphic vehicles, but what about the ones on the front lines? Warplanes follows these lovable killing machines as they involuntarily battle before meeting their own grim fates.

Following the release of Video Copilot’s JetStrike 3D model pack, we utilitzed their revolutionary After Effects plug-in, Element3D, to create this gritty, Pixar-style animated movie trailer. Recognized by the Video Copilot founder himself, Andrew Kramer, the video also earned press from popular film blogs such as First Showing and /Film.

Gritty Reboots is a YouTube channel that takes popular and nostalgic video games, TV shows, comics and more and turns them into gritty, cinematic trailers.


Produced by Cinesaurus
Writers: David Hudson, Steven Hudson
3D Animation: Steven Hudson, David Hudson
Editor: David Zimmermann
Sound Design: David Zimmermann


Air Force One: Alexander JL Theoharis
Jets: Steven Hudson, Eia Waltzer, Chris Parker, David Zimmermann, Dave Spear, David Hudson
Disney Narrator: Chris Parker