Cinesaurus 2019 Reel

CINESAURUS REEL 2019 (Warning: Loud Yelling)

We are always looking to work on more musical projects, so turning our last 9 years of production and motion design into a rap video seemed like the obvious way to demonstrate that passion.

All of the video in this reel was created while working on some of our favorite client and original projects. Featured clients include YouTube, Melinda Gates, Deloitte, Wizards of the Coast, Dell, TYR Sport, and PlayStation, to name a few.

Cinesaurus is an award-winning creative studio focused on visual storytelling through video, animation, and music. The company was founded in 2010 to tell stories that explore new horizons, share bold ideas, and inspire the future.


Produced by Cinesaurus

Written, Recorded, & Edited by
David Hudson & Steven Hudson
Music Composed by Jesus Brotons Gonzalez (Brainiac Beats)

David Hudson