PBS Avengers


Avengers, assemble! Being big supporters of STEM, we consider it a blessing to have grown up watching educational shows like Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood and Bill Nye the Science Guy.

However, in a world where “reality” entertainment is winning the war for our attention, we need those heroes more than ever. Super men, women (and puppets), like those actualized by PBS, who inspire young generations to be scientists, teachers, and artists. So, we produced an Avengers-style trailer, combining the powers of Fred Rogers, Bill Nye, Carl Sagan and Bob Ross to defeat reality television once and for all. The video accumulated nearly a million views, and was shared by the likes Neil deGrasse Tyson and Bill Nye himself.

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Behind the Scenes

Want to keep on learning? Check out our Behind the Scenes and Before & After videos to see our own journey into getting the OGs of education back together. Spanning a week of shooting, one of our most exciting days on set was working with a cast of a dozen kindergarteners and being able to actually introduce many of them to these educational TV icons for the first time.

Visual Effects: Before and After


Produced by Cinesaurus
Writers: David Hudson, Steven Hudson
Director of Photography: David Zimmermann
Editor: David Zimmermann
Visual Effects: Steven Hudson, David Hudson
Grip: Kevin Lane


Carl Sagan: Steven Hudson
Mr. Rogers: David Zimmermann
Bob Ross: Jordan Brokaw
Bill Nye: David Hudson
Reality TV Executive: Christopher Parker
Reality TV Assistant: Satabdi Chakrabarti
Reality TV Receptionist: Karli Zimmermann
Mr. McFeely: Demitrios Feredinos
Zombie Couple: David Rittenhouse, Lizeth RIttenhouse
News Anchor 1: Sarah Hudson
News Anchor 2: Eric Shellan
News Anchor 3: Meagan Karimi-Naser
TV Personality: Jacob Rosok
Young Students: Renee, Dylan, Ethan, Gabriella, Asia, Drew, Kyle
Office Extras: Johnny Sor, Evan Tomchick