iPhone: A Taller Change



With the announcement of Apple’s newest, biggest iPhone in the fall of 2012, we decided to create a video parodying this groundbreaking “feature”.

The result was a comically long iPhone which resonated with tech savvy viewers. While Apple spends years designing their tech, we worked feverishly for six days to concept and film as many clever uses as we could for a three-foot long smart phone. The video collected millions of views in the first couple days after its release, and has since climbed well over the 15 million view mark. This, due in part to the thousands of shares across Facebook and Twitter, in addition to much acclaim from websites including Adweek, Gizmodo, Wired, and CNET.


Produced by Cinesaurus & Satire Productions
Director: Alexander JL Theoharis
Producer: Danielle Sparks
Director of Photography: David Zimmermann
Editor: David Zimmermann
Visual Effects: David Hudson, Steven Hudson
Prop Designer: Liz Leo, Satabdi Chakrabarti
Digital Strategy: Tara Theoharis


Talking Heads: Forest Gibson, Alexander JL Theoharis, Christopher Parker
Model Actors: Liz Leo, Bobak Ferdowski, Tara Theoharis, Cedric Harris, David Zimmermann, Steven Hudson, David Hudson, Kevin Lane, Satabdi Chakrabarti, Danielle Sparks