Realistic Touch for Virtual Reality



With virtual reality, seeing is only one part of believing. That’s why HaptX is here to deliver the rest of the experience — the first haptic gloves with realistic touch and force feedback for VR.

When HaptX invited us to try out their glove prototype, our minds were blown. Once we recovered from our meltdown and how much more immersive the VR experience felt with touch, we worked with them to craft this launch video to help illustrate how the gloves feel for gaming, artistic & industrial design, entertainment, and beyond. But most importantly, what it’s like to hold a tiny, cute fox in the palm of your hand.

Truly, it’s something you have to see and feel to believe, but we’re excited to lock ourselves away into The Oasis with VR headsets and haptic peripherals to finally shed ourselves of these fleshy forms once and for all.


Created by Cinesaurus
Director: Gabe Conroy
Producer: Liz Leo
Line Producer: David Hudson
Director of Photography: David Zimmermann
1st Assistant Camera: TRIX
Gaffer: Casey Schmidt
Editor: David Zimmermann
Visual Effects: Gabe Conroy
Motion Graphics and Additional Visual Effects: Steven Hudson
Sound Design: Chris Burgess
Original Music Composition: Andy Forsberg


Talent provided by Big Fish Talent NW
Talent: Morgan Pope, Jason Sanford, Lowell Deo